P50P90 is a low cost solution for Risk Cost Monte Carlo simulation. It is ideal for project contingency calculation…..

Please refer to our Services page for details of our professional services offering. Please read on for information on our P50P90 Monte Carlo simulation model.

Looking for a Palisade @RISK alternative. You have come to the right place.

Simple. No knowledge of Monte Carlo simulation or complex formulas required. A user friendly Excel spreadsheet based solution. Just copy and paste in your data and press run. P50P90 is ideal for running Monte Carlo and QRAs to assess project risk and claims risk over a range of confidence levels.

With simplicity in mind, P50P90 has a number of features. It does 10,000 iterations. There is no coding or writing of formulas. It reduces errors by explaining clearly how each line of your data will be captured in a simulation. It produces ready to use dynamic charts and tables for inclusion in your report. That’s it really. You can see this in action in our Demo Video.

For those who are statistically minded, P50P90 only has the most commonly used distribution curves, namely Triangular, Trigen, Pert, and Uniform. P50P90 converts these into plain English for the regular user. The calculations behind each curve are built into the P50P90 engine and are 100% identical to those used by mathematicians.